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Residential / Hostel

GSS provides residential programmes to women and girls experiencing various crisis situations, providing a safe haven and temporary shelter to enable them to heal and recover from their traumatic experiences. Support services through case management forms an integral aspect of this programme.

Access to the right to education is imperative to GSS. In respect to this, we operate hostel services catering to primary and secondary school children from remote communities in Sabah. Such services contribute towards addressing the issue of attrition prevalent in rural communities where accessibility is a challenge due to lack of government hostels and public transportation.

Service Centres

Through our two Service Centres in Sabah and Ipoh, we aim to benefit and impact the youths and communities positively in these areas by providing support and services to enhance their overall well-being.

Our YouthPREP Centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is positioned as a key advocate on youths in relation to education and gender-based violence. The Centre serves as a drop-in centre and also reaches out to youths in the rural communities through its YouthPREPLink programmes which focus on self-awareness and empowerment.

The main focus of our Community Service Centre in Ipoh is to collaborate with existing community partners and NGOs to complement the programmes offered at various community sites and this includes awareness programmes on self-awareness and protection against child sexual abuse.


The emphasis of the outreach programmes is on "prevention". This is aimed at empowering children, youth, women and families in disadvantaged communities to tap on their collective potential to bring about positive changes for themselves. Shifting perspectives on gender equality and sexual gender-based violence against women and children are key areas of focus for the outreach programmes.

Community-based Socio-Economic Project

These small scale economic justice community-based projects are aimed at providing women in rural communities opportunities to improve livelihood. The projects help create a more sustainable income for women and their families which contributes towards an improved quality of life in indigenous rural communities.

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